Below are some examples of our recent home remodel, renovation and expansion projects.

Skyway Properties have underwent an interior build out and a complete exterior remodel.

Two Rent A Wheel locations, one in Orlando and the other in St. Petersburg, were given a complete interior build out and exterior remodel.

Noah's Animal Hospital was given a complete interior renovation along with a second story addition to the building.

This residential project included a complete exterior and interior remodel of the property, including newly designed kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

This project was the construction of a brand new, three-story residence. Construction of all walls, surfaces, and structures as well as tile, furnishings and painting was carried out for this residence.

For the Town Shores Condominium, the clubhouse entrance needed improvement and installation of stairway railings were a must. In addition, a complete exterior paint job was done to the entire condominium.

Silas Steakhouse in St. Petersburg has a menu with a variety of options for you to choose from. This project included construction of the gazebo area outside of the restaurant.

Ka'Tiki Beach Bar in Treasure Island, FL features live music and hosts events. For this project, the thatched roof was refinished and soundproof walls were constructed to contain the lively atmosphere.

The Colony Point Project is a complete exterior remodel featuring a remodel of the exterior walls and landscape for the property.

Residential Remodel

This 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom home was completely renovated inside and out, as well as some expansions.  A new master bedroom was added, as well as an attached master bathroom. The porch was expanded significantly. The kitchen was remodeled and new appliances were installed. New landscaping was added around the house to highlight its features.

  • Master bedroom addition
  • Master bathroom addition
  • Porch expanded
  • Remodeled kitchen
  • New appliances installed
  • Exterior painted
  • New landscaping added
Residential Remodel

This 4 bedroom, 3 bath residential home in the Pink Streets of Saint Petersburg was a great renovation.  A second story was added along with a front porch, the interior and exterior of the home was restored to replicate the historical architecture, and the exterior was given a fresh coat of paint.

Add second story addition, new porch, bathrooms, and windows. Interior woodworking made to replicate 1930's decor which includes oak stairwell and railing to match decor.


Residential Remodel

This 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom ranch style home was completely renovated after other contractors failed to envision a solution for reworking the home.  The porch was expanded and enclosed by screens as well as the addition of a new entrance landing.  An expanded roof over the door was added, adding an architectural flourish.  The interior of the home was also renovated throughout, including kitchen, bathrooms, and floors.  Landscaping was added as well to highlight the features of the home.

  • Expanded Porch
  • Expanded entrance-way and overhang over door
  • Architectural flourish added by octagonal roof over door
  • Interior renovated throughout
  • Exterior and interior painted
  • New landscaping added


Residential Remodel

This 5 bed, 3.5 bath house located near North Shore in St. Petersburg was entirely renovated from an Art Moderne style architecture to a more traditional looking Neo-Mediterranean style architecture. The exterior was completely re-modeled, including new paint and landscaping. A new kitchen was installed with top notch amenities. Each of the 3.5 bathrooms was renovated, including new tile and fixtures. New flooring was installed throughout the house, tile as well as wood. The existing elevator was remodeled. The home was also hurricane strengthened with new impact doors and windows.

  • Complete exterior remodel to a Neo-Mediterranean style
  • Exterior and Interior painted
  • New landscaping
  • Complete kitchen renovation
  • All bathrooms renovated
  • New flooring installed throughout
  • Existing elevator remodeled
  • Hurricane strengthened with new impact doors and windows


Residential Remodel

This four bedroom, three bath historic home located in the pink streets of St. Petersburg is Spanish revival architecture.  The home was completely remodeled inside and out.  New stucco and paint was applied to the exterior.  The kitchen was completely remodeled as well.  On the exterior, the pool was re-done as well as new landscaping installed.

Project Examples by Premium Building

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